Cats and Owners


Pamela with Lord Louis, a Blue Burmese Queensland, Australia

“Yes, I look like Louise! Lord Louis is a 16 1/2 year old Blue Burmese.”






Cat-WendiSylvesterIowaCropped“I have had my cat for 12 years and we have come to resemble each other in our actions, personalities, and even our looks.  I raised him from the time he was just a few weeks old…There was a litter of baby kittens that had been crying for several days in an old wood pile…His mother had been hit by a car.  When I got them they were very cold and so very hungry.  I instantly become a surrogate mother.”





Jennifer with Mister Gainesville, Florida

Jennifer with Mister Gainesville, Florida










Emma & Scruffy Ventura, California








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